New Fremont Office Space.

I just completed building out a new transpersonal psychology office space in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Here are some Before photos of the transformation, followed by a video of the final product.

The camera in my iPad doesn’t really do the space justice, but you can get a hint of what it feels like here. The statue is Kannon (Meiji period Japan ca. 1890-1910), Buddha of Compassion. She is also known as Kwan Yin in South East Asia. The altar is a 100 year old spice grinder from Indonesia and is carved from a solid piece of teak. The scroll is an original piece of calligraphy by Rev. Shodo Uemoto (Gozan is his pen name) — in Japanese: Shoudou Uemoto (Godou). He was the 38th abbot of Kosho-ji in Uji, established by Dogen as the original seat of the Soto Zen lineage around 1233, following his travels to China. Translation: “Everyday Mind is the Way.” The bench in the waiting room is made from a single piece of reclaimed Tamarind from Indonesia. The antique Korean chest is contributed by my office mate and colleague Anna Hedly Goeke. The photograph of the young monks and nuns from Myanmar is an original, signed, and numbered (12/50) print by San Francisco photographer, Lisa Kristine. It is called “Keepers of the Flame.”

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