From Fear to Flow®: A Men’s Program

A Year of Joy, Grief,

Grace and Communion:

I’m offering a brand new year-long program to a select group of men, A Year of Joy, Grief, Grace, and Communion: Moving From Fear to Flow® 

Here is the layout:
Groups begin in June at Midsummer and end the following year at Beltane for a full solar cycle.

  • Midsummer Weekend Retreat, June 24-26, 2022. Location: Cle-Elum, WA (SOLD OUT)
  • Bi-Weekly virtual groups on alternating Fridays for 2 hours 7-9 a.m. Must commit to these, from wherever you may be on planet Earth. Group continuity is essential to our process.
  • Fall Equinox Full Day Retreat, Friday, September 16, Location: Nautilus Farm (SOLD OUT)
  • New Year Weekend Retreat, January 27-29, 2023, Location: Hood Canal (SOLD OUT)
  • Spring Equinox Full Day Retreat, March 2023, Date TBD, Location: Nautilus Farm (SOLD OUT)
  • Beltane Weekend Retreat, May 2023, Date and Location TBD
  •  We will explore the following themes:
  • Letting go of our Fixed Ideations, Emotional Entanglements, Anxiety and Reactivity (FEAR)
  • Cultivating Flexibility, Love, Orientation to the Now and Wisdom (FLOW)
    in Service of
  • Spiritual Growth and Development
  • Bringing Ourselves Fully to Service in a Troubled World
  • Bringing Ourselves Fully to Intimate Relationships of all Kinds
  • Building Masculine Community (without alcohol, sports, politics, money or work as points of connection)Costs: Bi-Weekly Groups: $65 (whether you attend or not)
    Daylong Retreats: $395 including coffee and lunch
    Weekend Retreats: $1000 plus shared cost of lodging and communal meals

2022 Group is Full
Applications for 2023 Group will open in January 2023