I use HeartMath Biofeedback technology in my practice as an enhancement to standard psychotherapy for both individuals and couples. It is also a part of my work with Cancer patients.

Research suggests that these biofeedback techniques can result in marked increases in subjective wellbeing, the ability to improve relationships, and important physiological and bio-chemical changes in the body associated with lowering the risk of the dangerous consequences of chronic stress, including lowered immune function and heart disease.

Take a look at the following videos and at the HeartMath website for more information, including products, videos, and research–and see why they say “a change of heart, changes everything.”

The first device is the award winning handheld biofeedback device that I recommend for my clients.


I use EmWave Desktop biofeedback to support and enhance therapeutic work in my office, and to encourage continued practice with the EmWave PSR biofeedback device between sessions.