My Clients

My Clients: Courageous Truth Seekers

I have helped people from all walks of life, ranging from technology executives and attorneys to former maximum security prison inmates, and all points in between.

They have been gay and straight. Male and female. Young and old. They have been African American and Asian. Indian and Pakistani. Persian, Hispanic and White. They have worshiped as Muslims and Jews. Buddhists and Christians. Or they have been searching for their way to connect with something larger than themselves beyond religion. And they have been rich and poor, powerful and powerless, hope-filled and in deep despair.

But while their backgrounds and races and ethnicities and the nature of their suffering may have been vastly different, they have all shared one essential quality.

My clients have all been courageous seekers of truth.

For alongside the process that necessarily follows from wanting to suffer less, they ultimately come here to embark on a journey into the mystery of what it means to be human, in the company of others, and the fullness and richness of all that entails.

Here are some of the experiences and challenges I have helped my clients work through:

* Men’s issues, including midlife transition, fatherhood, relationships, workplace stress, and divorce;

* Women’s issues, including overwhelm from multiple roles, motherhood, low relationship satisfaction, and self-esteem deficits;

* Persistently sad or anxious moods;

* Integrating traumatic experiences, including past sexual assaults;

* Parenting challenges, particularly for new moms and dads;

* Reliance on self-medication through food, drugs, alcohol or other self-destructive behaviors;

* Life feeling “out of balance” or “empty”;

* Spiritual crises;

* Finding meaning and fulfillment in our work, leisure time, friendships and romantic relationships;

* Facing major life transitions;

The art on this page is included with the generous permission of the artist, Rachel Ann Austin. You may see it in my office, or at Rachel’s website.