The Buddha taught the secret of health for mind, body & spirit
is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly. This simple insight is powerful medicine for much of what ails us.
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Payment and Insurance Q&A

Question: Do you take insurance?

Answer:  Yes. If your health insurance plan includes out-of-network coverage, you may get significant  reimbursement for psychotherapy with me. The amount totally depends upon your insurance carrier and your particular plan, but can be over $100 per visit, depending on your plan.
I will gladly help you figure out what this looks like at or before your first appointment with me.

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Continuing Education for Mental Health Professionals

Continuing Education Mental Health

Seattle Integrative Health introduces the Seattle Integrative Health Training Institute. We offer supervision for pre-licensed doctoral level professionals who are carefully selected for their talent and philosophical orientation. We also offer continuing education for mental health professionals at both the masters and doctoral levels of training in Seattle that provide intimate continuing education training opportunities in cutting edge, integrative healing modalities in beautiful settings

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Loving Couples in Crisis

I am pleased to collaborate with my colleague, friend and office mate Anna Hedly Goeke, MA, LMFT. We have known one another since 2001 and been co-located in the same suite since 2012. In my opinion, she offers the best couple’s therapy in the Seattle market. Certified as a Gottman therapist and extensively trained in Sue Johnson’s groundbreaking emotion-focused work with couples, Anna is perfectly suited to be my first and only choice for referrals for couples and families.

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