Reviews of Dr. Sean Patrick Hatt

Touching the Earth I am Grateful for my Life


“I am very fortunate to have met Dr. Hatt, who is now a Seattle therapist, during the toughest times of my professional and personal life. He is genuinely caring, which made me open up and feel safe with him immediately. He is open minded, non-judgmental, flexible, and has a natural and deep knowledge of both Eastern and Western thought. He artfully integrated Eastern philosophy and spirituality with Western science and psychology. And he brought this art to the therapy room, empowering me to seek my own way out of my troubles and pain. All the while, he was present with me every step of the way as my guide.”

Mr. F
Former Client, Retired Technology Executive
Silicon Valley, California

“Dr. Hatt is an extremely dedicated, competent, and genuine professional and human being.  He has been non-judgmental and accepting of whatever issues I have brought to him, and his deep compassion and empathy provide a safe atmosphere for any subject that one may bring.  I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to benefit from Dr. Hatt’s insight on many occasions, which never fails to facilitate further discernment and clarity regarding whatever may be the issue at hand.  I give an enthusiastic “five stars” to Dr. Hatt and recommend him highly to anyone seeking psychotherapy.”

Ms. C
Former Graduate Student
San Francisco, CA

“In 2010, I sought support from Sean when I was on the verge of having my first panic attack. I was nervous about giving a presentation for a large audience the next day. Sean greeted me with warmth, compassion, and total acceptance of my fear and self-doubt in the moment. I can think of few times when I felt as if a caring person was listening to me more deeply. Without being directive, Sean gently helped me find my own way back to my grounded center.”

Ms. A
Former Client, Graduate Student
Silicon Valley, CA

“Sean is the epitome of warmth and compassion.  His presence exudes a genuine desire to connect, which is a key element in any healing relationship.  As a psychologist, he is unique in that he takes a creative and integrative clinical approach to help one find and leverage his/her wellness, and work towards a position of greater psychological wellbeing and growth.  He is constantly learning and questioning, which reflects his true and deep commitment to providing and creating the best care and relationship with his patients.”

Ms. M
Former Graduate Student
Silicon Valley, CA

“As my professor, Dr. Hatt inspired me with his empathic caring and dedication. He really put his heart and soul into his work, and I always felt like I wanted to give him everything I had in return.  He truly cares about people and loves the helping profession. His dedication to making people’s lives better is palpable. In particular, Sean believes that highly attuned and attentive listening is a key to healing.  As his student I always felt heard by him and he had a profoundly positive impact on my life.”

Mr. M
Former Graduate Student
Silicon Valley, CA

“Sean is a dynamic therapist who skillfully attunes to his clients, meeting her/him with deep wisdom and compassion and a clear recognition of our True Nature. His presence is a gift to all who sit with him, whether in his private practice, or in the meditation sanctuary.”

Ms. D
Portland, OR

“I had the privilege of working with Sean on several occasions. We were first introduced in a graduate seminar in which he was teaching.  Sean’s ability to engage in demanding and challenging material, coupled with his deep understanding and compassion towards his students’ process made this class very enjoyable and fulfilling on both an academic and personal level. Sean later mentored me through various writing projects, fully supporting my own growth and challenging me to dig deeper to find my own academic writing style. Most recently, Sean has been a supportive mentor as I prepare to move into my dissertation research phase of my PhD program and has continued to offer support and guidance through this and on into my work as a clinician. Sean is passionate, smart, and holds a wonderful sense of humor that is often needed in this field.”

Ms. K
Former Graduate Student
Silicon Valley, CA

A Word About Reviews

Reviewing a Psychologist presents an ethical dilemma. First, confidentiality is of the utmost importance–so I don’t ask or encourage clients to review me or share feedback publicly that might compromise their identity. Second, it’s important not to ask current clients for reviews given the sensitivity of the relationship. Thus, all of the reviews that you see here are rendered by former clients or students who have no possibility of becoming a client in my Seattle Psychotherapy practice. It is my hope that you might find these reviews helpful as you consider Seattle psychologists for your mental healthcare needs.