Seattle Meditation Group

Seattle Psychologist and Meditation Teacher Sean Patrick Hatt, Ph.D.

Meditation at Red Square Yoga on Queen Anne Hill

The purpose of this group

I lead a Meditation Group designed to help participants learn to directly experience our True Nature, Unconditioned Awareness, through the simple yet profound practice of just sitting, or natural meditation. This work is based upon the work of my teacher, Peter Fenner, Ph.D., who wrote the book, Radiant Mind.

What does that mean?

We are talking about a meditation group aimed at developing an ever more continuous experience of the ineffable, clear, spaciousness that is the ground of our Being, even as we also engage fully in the spontaneous arising and resolution of the contents of that spaciousness: our thoughts, feelings, sensations, ideas, and stories about ourselves, each other and the world around us.

What awaits?

The more we remain in contact with Unconditioned Awareness, the more clearly we can see how we participate in the construction of our reality in every moment. As we inquire directly into these constructions, they appear to dissolve. The truth is they were unfindable from the beginning. We experience this sort of inquiry directly in our meditation group each week, through looking directly into our experience of sitting with one another.


The purpose of this meditation group is to help us to learn to stop resisting or managing or clinging to “what is or is not happening” and to instead find ourselves simply resting in the natural flow of Being–no matter what might be coming up for us.

No experience with meditation groups is required.

This is a non-sectarian, non-religious endeavour. There is no “doing it right or wrong.” In fact, there is no “doing” at all in our meditation group. We will neither invite nor discourage either silence or dialogue. We will simply sit together and encounter whatever might arise naturally, and learn to discern and be with conditioned mind and Unconditioned Awareness.

Curiosity, compassion & willingness to commit to a minimum of six consecutive weeks to support and witness one another in contact with our Natural Perfection are the only prerequisites. New members will be admitted to the group only once every 6 weeks. After completing one full session, members will be able to attend on a drop-in basis.


Fee: Suggested donation is $15 per session—or $60 paid in advance for 6 week session.

Charitable Cause: All proceeds are donated to Afghan Institute of Learning, an organization dedicated to bringing peace and dignity to the women and children of Afghanistan as they struggle to overcome poverty, oppression, devastation, and injustice after 30 years of war and civil strife.

When? Currently, we have no groups scheduled. Keep checking back to see when we might offer another opportunity to sit together.

Where? Red Square Yoga: 1911 10th Avenue West, Seattle, WA  98119

Please e-mail me at sean @ seattleintegrativepsychology dot com for important information in advance of attending for the first time.